Douse Band


September 15

Biltmore Cabaret

Perhaps the most interesting work comes when bands allow themselves to be free from genre constraints, who find their own form of navigation, unearth new and inventive ways of stirring the emotions of those of us lucky enough to find ourselves along for the ride. Douse are one such band, a Vancouver trio that, upon first glance, fit neatly within the lineage of good old Canadian indie-rock, but one, also, who have carved out a space of their own, finding ever intriguing and impressive ways of delivering their work. Veering between subtle, ambient moments of restraint and powerful moments of aggression, Alea Rae Clark, Jeremiah Ackermann, and Patrick Farrugia, make music that is both spacious and grandiose, both subtle and powerful. There are, after all, no rules here. So we hear measured new-wave and post-punk, moody textures and dense, cavernous landscapes to explore, before their world-beat influences take focus, all sparkling guitar lines and Clark’s buoyant lead voice. Their work embraces the wholesomeness of each of these genres while carving out a space all of its own persuasion. Adding beautiful orchestral arrangements to their subtle but surprisingly complex work, their debut album, The Light In You Has Left, is the sound of a something growing and flourishing; something that’s never afraid to embrace the lightest lights or the darkest darks, wherever it might take them.

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