Teon Gibbs

Teon Gibbs has demonstrated a hunger for innovation by offering a diverse range of sounds in his music. Pulling together RnB and Soul samples, Gospel cords, 808s, live instrumentation, and a strong understanding of harmony, Teon has been able to create just about anything from Trap Anthems to soul- searching hip-hop to RnB ballads, all the while maintaining honesty in his music. This authenticity is what has allowed him to build his brand and has drawn in an engaged following of teenagers and young adults who can relate to his hunger for a better life and appreciate his realness as a rarity amongst the inauthenticity from social media in today’s world. The BC native looks poised to continue this growth in 2019 by releasing two more full-length projects and a constant stream of singles and music videos while planning a larger tour. Teon Gibbs has coined the term, “I might do it for the culture,” and is
looking to do just that.

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